CHARTOM Publish time 2015-9-10 20:23:32


Thank you SH !!! :)

Webby Publish time 2015-9-11 22:20:30

Happiness is an Aug 8  chary :)..... :lol

diudiuz Publish time 2015-9-17 17:45:26

Anyone else feeling pretty pleased now that we've gotten our precious Charybdis toon fully evolved? Finally I can start beefing up my NM'd Liquid Team with the following roster:

- Hoarfrost (Fear, Water Attunement, Typhoon/Dizzy)
- Charybdis (Fear, Demonic Sanctuary, Untamed Aggression)
- Qing Qiu (Stream, Shower, Torrent)
- Queen Tefnut (Hydra's Torrent, Untamed Aggression, No Quarter)

With reserves ready to be NM'd if I ever bother to:
- Sabnac
- Abyss Brood

Me likey! Finally something else to play with than the old Wind Squad (Befa, WWWB, FA, Fallen Cardea, CLord, Electricitree, Mortesuka) :D
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