S3V3N Publish time 2015-9-14 07:14:42

Log in error

anyone else unable to log in. Network unavailable message over and over but I'm on line now on same device....been about 1 hr unable to log in.

Madecasol357 Publish time 2015-9-14 07:28:46

Me too. I can't spend my fully recharged hope untill 00:00 :(

Bo_cong_anh Publish time 2015-9-14 07:45:20

Same problem. I deleted the game and tried reinstall. It said "network unavailable" please try again...

S3V3N Publish time 2015-9-14 08:12:18

Still getting same error bout 2 hours now.....dang....

CORREXTOR Publish time 2015-9-14 08:26:38

Me too...

PK2000 Publish time 2015-9-14 08:49:51

I am on android, gets stuck at verifying credentials.   So i missed out on the pvp tournament for yesterday when i am trying to make enough for the monthly card.  Already called my provider.

Ryu03 Publish time 2015-9-14 09:15:25

same problem here, sh pls fix this problem

amye201320 Publish time 2015-9-14 09:44:10

this issue is not from client side... i guess it comes from SH server instead

Webby Publish time 2015-9-14 10:20:20

It's a DeNa thing..... apparently their other games are having a problem to.

Guess it will be fixed when it's fixed..... All mobile,  Android and IOS...platforms are getting the same thing.

Duelcool Publish time 2015-9-14 10:29:53

Still nothing :(

Sucks to miss out on 13k hc's and of course hope towards event. What can we do.....oh well.

Here's to hoping SH can provide us with some hope bottles to make up in event and perhaps hc's for those of us who weren't able to partake in arena during a double day :/

Let's give it some time and see if the issue comes to light. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
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