PK2000 Publish time 2015-9-14 10:54:59

It sucks that SH would have to compensate for something that is out of their control.
  My tefnuts are going to turn blue from all the waiting.

S3V3N Publish time 2015-9-14 10:56:19

Duelcool replied at 2015-9-14 10:29 static/image/common/back.gif
Still nothing

Sucks to miss out on 13k hc's and of course hope towards event. What can we do.... ...
That's where I'm @...lost 40 hope pleas didn't get my arena or IM runs in as I do them the hour before reset...decks to loose out on the double day hexis and I'm rewards....ahhh we'll. sh*t through the aweful

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-9-14 11:11:02

Yeah, it's definitely Mobage's issue   :(

Very sucky to be powerless to do anything about it.

PK2000 Publish time 2015-9-14 11:30:02

We don't like it but understand, I believe is the common feeling.  Mobage has annoyed me in the past with trying to get me to play other games when I try to log in to this one.  What I hear their percentage of the revenue generated has me annoyed as well.

CORREXTOR Publish time 2015-9-14 11:34:23

Any estimated time for them to fix it?????

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-9-14 11:37:48

Litterally no idea.
Haven't heard back from them yet   :(

Webby Publish time 2015-9-14 11:41:36

Double material day..... :funk: why oh why did it have to be Monday!

S3V3N Publish time 2015-9-14 12:07:49

Webby replied at 2015-9-14 11:41 static/image/common/back.gif
Double material day.....  why oh why did it have to be Monday!

I know...:(, well maybe someone can give a post here if and when it comes back in line. Hope we are back in soon.

Warrick Publish time 2015-9-14 12:12:00

I am having this same problem... On my iPad and my iPhone with both Wifi and cell network it just says "Network Unavailable",

Please fix it SH! We're all already way way behind in the event! (maybe we could get compensation for it? That would be awesome!)

CORREXTOR Publish time 2015-9-14 12:29:23

I always find it funny that everything SH get blamed for... Especially in this case they have nothing to do with it
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