PK2000 Publish time 2015-9-15 14:41:19

now getting server overload message

Anybody else getting this message?  Seriously two issues in one event?  First mobage but now what is this?

S3V3N Publish time 2015-9-15 14:41:57

Edited by S3V3N at 2015-9-15 14:44

Yup, about 40 min + now of that message.
Chains of darkness also offline server maint. Not sure if they are related.

PK2000 Publish time 2015-9-15 14:55:37

Thanx for the quick reply.  I have been trying to log on for a while but with my past experience with this message I will probably be asleep when it disappears.   Sigh.  At least its an event I don't need top 50, and ribcage is good equip anyway.  3 profiles bought it, and it will help either way, I just am annoyed with having to settle for lower level prizes when I spent my gold expecting to be higher.  Lol.  But at least its just a revenge event, otherwise more anger.  So much more sleep will I get when new not having to anticipate new events.  I will finally be able to upgrade my posse.

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-9-15 15:26:31

Could possibly have been related to the CoD issue.

If so, I think it should all be ok and running well again now?

Goddwyn Publish time 2015-9-15 15:26:33

Yeah I'm having all kinds of weird issues too..from not being able to log in to friends, raids, arena rank / event rank disappearing....

Already put on support ticket in tonight....looks like I'm going in for a second
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