Fison Publish time 2015-9-19 16:31:29

Super Purge vs drop rates

Hi, as a paying player - I have been using super purge for a couple months and I think it may not work as intended?

With every single perge the game will "connect to server", in super perge it does this only once.  This makes me think that the evey time it connect to server, it is checking to see if I have won a 5 star shard.  Does this mean that super purge lessens the chances of a 5 star drop?  Over the last week or so I have pumped thousands of hope into 5 star equimpent dungeon shards - Piamon 4 (or however you spell it), and have had a return of 1 shard only.

Surley super purge should be something worth while, not something inherintly rubbish which makes the drop rate worse?


1426731005zdxEeM Publish time 2015-9-21 07:39:49

All drop rates are the same, super purge simply increases the ammount gained from said purging.

And the drop rate for 5 star shards is abysmal at best.
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