Zaarongvcd Publish time 2015-9-26 23:09:26

Great game!

Awesome so far, few questions

1. Which mares are better than others? Any easy overview way to tell?
2. How to achieve 3 stars or more on a mare?
3. Anyone yet identified how mare relate and compliment each other (excluding skills and used of skill deployment)

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-9-28 16:26:42

Hi there

1) That's kinda sorta answered in your other post  :)

2) Just keep evolving and you'll gain more stars (up to 5) the more you evolve.

3) The only thing I've descovered as a 'plan' so far if you definitely put a hunky beefcake in your first slots to absorb as much damage as possible to give your magic users in the rear time to charge up !

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