HimleyIT Publish time 2015-9-30 17:08:12

Warfare reward

Where is warfare reward?

HimleyIT Publish time 2015-9-30 21:14:35

Guild Warfare ended over 7 hours ago. Where is reward?

1426731005zdxEeM Publish time 2015-9-30 23:22:34

@Himley I would highly recommend submitting a Ticket. I am just doing so myself. Tickets will go through MUCH quicker than a complaint on the forum.

HimleyIT Publish time 2015-9-30 23:44:01

Man, of course I sent a ticket. It's all very simple - I spend my time to writing the ticket - developers lose their reputation due such of my posts.

Sequestor1 Publish time 2015-10-1 15:01:35

I didn't receive it too, as well as other 70 participants of the warfare, and what, all of them must send a ticket to receive what they earned? Too much effort to make things work and make developers watch what they do.

HimleyIT Publish time 2015-10-1 23:00:10

Sequestor1 replied at 2015-10-1 15:01 static/image/common/back.gif
I didn't receive it too, as well as other 70 participants of the warfare, and what, all of them must ...

Fully agree with you

Holy Rinaku Publish time 2015-10-3 04:47:09

Hey guys,

Just letting you know we are looking into the issues with this. Shanghai however is on vacation, pretty much mandatory for that particular office. They will be back in the next few days. In the meantime I ask that you remain patient with us and we will work to get you the things you are missing as soon as possible.

Thank you for the continued patience.

landler Publish time 2015-10-14 14:17:50

I notice that there's no guild warfare anymore since last two week ago.. What Happened to this?  

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-10-14 16:40:59

Should be back properly and fully working on Saturday - Fingers crossed !!

Apie Publish time 2015-10-23 10:11:54

This was a very poor response from the spicy horse support team.
Clearly spicy horse were aware of the issue; that no one got rewards automatically in mail for the September 30th warfare.
Instead of addressing the issue by actually sending out the rewards to everyone who took part in the event through mail. Spicy horse opted to only respond to those who submitted tickets with a 'one size fits all' compensation of 500g, leaving a lot of players who ranked highly short changed.

Spicy horse needs to recognize that most people simply do not send tickets to support when they encounter an issue. Furthermore, as this was a large scale issue that affected everyone, most people did not bother to flood support with more tickets seeing this issue was brought to Spicy Horse's attention already by other players.
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