amye201320 Publish time 2015-10-8 16:01:16

DPS : What is it mean?

Hi All,

In my opinion, DPS = Damage per second... = total damage within 1 second.

But why each other card got very very different attack speed per second.

an example: Whirlwind vs Befafe.... DPS maybe same same but i could Befafes made 2 damage while Whirlwind did once damage only... so total damge its very different even these got similar DPS.

Please give me some advices...:'(

diudiuz Publish time 2015-10-9 04:38:44

The DPS is derived from Card stats Damage and Attack Speed. Befa has lower damage but faster attack Speed compared to WWWB's higher damage but drastically slower attack Speed.

Formula is damage * atk speed. Simple.

Two very different cards can have the same DPS yet the slower card is a "nuker" with powerful single hits. It's good with those skills that do 300% dmg in single hit. Other card has lower damage but hits faster, making him an ideal to wipe weak cards and remove Demonic Sanctuary from enemy.

I love my Befa since he can wipe DS from enemy in few secs.

Hope this helped!
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