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Bugs - Arena

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Hi !

Bug 1 : That is strange but the team selected is not the team that is fighting... So I have lost my fight
Bug 2 : It is perhaps just a problem of timing / lag but it is really hard to launch the active powers when the fury is ready...

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-10-16 14:54:35

Hi there

Are you sure you have selected the corerect team?  No one has seen or heard anything like this before.  The only issue that even comes close in my mind is that in another game, the replay looks different when viewed sometimes.  Or maybe this is some confusion between your attack team and your defence team?

The 2nd issue is probably just timing.  Skills can't be fired instantly all the time, you need to wait for the next 'go' from that character.

voeuxpieux Publish time 2015-10-27 06:07:04

Sorry for beeing so long to answer (hollidays) ! And thanks for having resolve my forum problem !

I have answer by ticket. For the first problem, that is not a bug it seems : the defense team is different from the attack team if the player choose to do this. In fact that is great. Thanks !

For the 2sd : the arena fight is in auto mode instead of manual mode. The skills are launched alone...
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