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Some bugs I've experienced

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1. battle win/lose bug
sometimes it says I lost despite I obviously beat them all in time
and sometimes it says I won despite I got defeated.
I got this issue 3~4 times in Marbuel, Architect and Vepar zone

2. it seems the upgrade of Jake the Snake ring and Snakey ring which Berserker and Kang are wearing doesn't work.
the value doesn't increase when upgrading these items for both Berserker and Kang.
Meanwhile it seems evolving does work, I'm not sure tho.

3. I don't know if this is bug or not, supporting friend's mine doesn't work for the last few days.
it says 'unable to reach game server' whenver I tap support button.

p.s. I'm stuck at Vepar4 normal due to battle bug which happened to me 5 times...

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