Dubhai Publish time 2015-10-29 23:45:01


I encountered this bug today.

Last night at 9pm EST i did all my quest in order to obtain my quest reward for completing 10/10 quest. I also didnt collect the 100 reward for loging onto facebook. So I left these two available, so that i could use them on the dungeon that i needed. SO I go to bed wake up in the morning and have some free time at around 11:30 am EST. Unfortunately it shows that I did not complete any of my quest. Yet the progress made of gifting 5 friends and lost island still remained, showing that I did do it last night and that I was not making stuff up. Yet the game says I didnt do it. So I am stuck with having to do the quest that I completed last night over again. Unfortunately I cant redue the gifting of 5 friends and lost island therefore I cant collect the the reward of 10/10 quest comepleted.

ign: Dubhai
server: Y
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