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Recent Game Changes - OCT2015

EXP changes:
Exp cards for leveling demons - cards now add more exp, but demons require more exp to gain levels. Availability of exp cards slightly increased in some parts of the game. I havent done the math, but overall I'm guessing about 3 times more yellow exp cards are required to level demons.
Effect: Looks like this game has gotten longer and grindier, gap between top players and newer players is going to increase significantly.

Raid Boss Changes:
The raid boss reward changes - covered in Jesttic's thread. 5 star puple equip shards are no longer available.
Shop Changes:
raid shop changes - prices have dropped but so has the amount of currency gained. Overall items are more affordable.
Arena shop - prices have dropped, I think the rate of accumulation remains the same. Items very affordable now (please add 10x shard option similar to Lost Island and Raid Shop).
Lost Island Shop - prices have dropped as well as currency gained, but overall items are more affordable, especially 10x shards option.

Summary: While the shop changes look somewhat appealing, they were not huge bottlenecks that prevented progression except for lost island shards. The EXP and the 5star purple shard changes from Raid bosses were significant bottlenecks in the game and now the neck has grown thinner. These changes will make it almost impossible for newer players to catch up.

landler Publish time 2015-11-2 17:02:33

I agree i Posted also at the Bug section

Jesttic Publish time 2015-11-3 01:43:04

Edited by Jesttic at 2015-11-3 01:45

Looks like they also changed dungeons to only two uses per day, this will kill new players who are leveling gear. Truth is if this was how the game was when I started playing I would not have continued playing. I have to wonder with the opening of their new game are they trying to kill this one off? :(

Jehannum Publish time 2015-11-3 08:56:38

As with any game, some changes are good and others are bad. Players will raise their voices passionately about which are which. In this vein, a few aspects of the most recent batch of changes to Chains of Darkness are dismaying and in fact, quite demoralizing. I am referring to the new exp costs of leveling demons and silver costs of leveling gear.  As a minor aside, the distribution of 2 star gear from a level 60 raid boss is ridiculous, but that is a more minor complaint and I  do not wish to diminish the value of my other points by dwelling upon that detail. 

At this time a fair number of us have a full set of complete demons, in many cases some fully upgraded sets of gear. I would theorize that this level of power is now nigh -unattainable within the usual gamer attention span. I know that I have abruptly lost a great deal of motivation to pursue my further goals within the game due to the knowledge of how long it will take to achieve them. The time it will take to build a team, to adapt your forces to handle the shifts in teams and strategy - these have all become unwieldy.

Yes, many things are easier to acquire - sericite, demon shards, midnight stones, but it now all comes down to the almighty soul coin and there is only so many times we will spend gold for Hope to for the soul coin dungeon. 74 trips to fully level one piece of 5 star gear. 74 trips, 6 pieces, 4 demons is 1770 trips through that mine, a number which also does not address the cost of demon evolves and leveling.

That is 5 trips per day for a year,  and it is not open every day. 

That is a grind not fun, and not only has the effort-to-reward ratio moved well beyond the point that I consider to be enjoyable, but the effect of purchasing gold has decreased sharply, which in turn drastically reduces my interest in paying for faster progress.

This might not have been so bad had it been this way from the start, had we not seen the shift in order of magnitude. Perhaps new players to the game who have no awareness of "the way things used to be" will not suffer the same dismay that I have, but i do believe it will be equally upsetting when, after reaching the first plateau, they realize that the upper levels of power are so far away as to be almost out of reach. 

Reduce the exp cost for leveling demons. Drop the coin cost of leveling gear.  Return them to what they were.  These changes have not been improvements to your game. 

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-11-3 15:50:33

Yeah, changes are never recieved well, especially after a certain set of rules has already been established with the players.
However, I'm not here to say whether any of the new changes are good or bad, that's up to you to decide.

Only that we had someone who litterally took 2 entire weeks and examined every aspect of the game's economy and leveling up speed and game completion and every other metric you can think of and then discovered that parts of it were just not right.

And 'right' in this particular sense means what the procucers vision is for the game AND what the game needs to act like in order to hopefully make a profit by using industry standard metrics.

Again, not here to argue whether it's good or bad, only that it was NEEDED, not to piss people off or to annoy you or to reinforce anyone's idea that we're all evil goblins chuckling away on giant mountains of gold, it's needed for the LONG TERM survival of the game, economy and company.
It's kinda hard to explain the minute details to anyone who's not 'in the industry' so to speak, but not every 'negative' change you see is a case of money-grubbing and greed, and we hope that you can believe that.


Primerus Publish time 2015-11-3 17:15:38

You say it's up to us decide whether the changes are good or bad. I expressed my views on a public forum and then have my post deleted. Right...

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-11-3 17:33:06

Express your opinion in "expletive rage form" and it will be deleted.
Calmly explain what you don't like and it will stay.  Simples.

Apie Publish time 2015-11-3 17:33:53

We want the game to be profitable for the developers, most of us here have spent money on this game. 'In the industry' or not, we all know that it's the big spending 'whales' who pay for these games. Every freemium game has a similar business model: 'land as many whales as you can'.
Too many people will leave the game over these changes, the whales will have no one to play with. The demon experience gain is over 300% slower. For a lot of people this game will no longer  be playable. If 'long term survival' is what you are after, you are heading in the wrong direction.
Don't try to charge players more for existing content, do what Rage of Bahamut did and what Chain Chronicle is doing, release new content and make money from that.

Primerus Publish time 2015-11-3 17:42:12

FlightTribe replied at 2015-11-3 17:33 static/image/common/back.gif
Express your opinion in "expletive rage form" and it will be deleted.
Calmly explain what you don't  ...

Expletive rage?

You mustn't browse the net much if that constituted being labelled as expletive rage.

I'm more of the opinion that it was deleted for urging players to stop spending and branding spicy horses changes as being motivated by greed.

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-11-3 17:52:04

I don't care what the rest of the net is like, you wanna rage and curse, then go there.
If you want to have open discussion with us here about anything you like or not, we're all for it, just keep it plesant.

As for the changes, I also really wish the team could get it right the first time.  
Game asks for 5g for 10 items, then 6 months later changes it to 10g for 10 items, this leads to anger and all kinds of accusations of terrible things.
But if the game charged 10g for 10 things from the get go, then this is just seen as being normally how much stuff costs and it's no problem.
Even though in these 2 examples, the players in the first scenario got everything for 'half price' for 6 months, this is the scenario that will eventually lead to anger.

The 'taking of stuff away' in the name of balance is never an easy pill to swallow, but it's a neccessity when the balance wasn't got right the first try. And this also applies to not just the cost of items, but the aquisition of more nebulous stuff like exp and whatnot.
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