FlightTribe Publish time 2015-11-3 15:11:18

Important and sad news :(

Our favorite guy.... The-Data-Guy™ has abruptly left.

What does this mean?

Well there's no way to sugar coat it, but essentially all the stuff from the 'what's going to happen once the game goes to sleep' thread is not going to happen any time soon. I'll still try to push for it to happen eventually, but we really have been left in the lurch and can't make any promises or give any solid facts at this point in time!!

Sorry for the sucky news   :(

Gralcio Publish time 2015-11-3 16:58:29

Edited by Gralcio at 2015-11-3 16:59

Argh, after obtaining his final victory over our hopes, he's left to seclude himself on the Island of Joy!

Damn that The-Data-Guy™ :@

Webby Publish time 2015-11-3 18:04:26

How about sorting the numbers on the WB out? surely that is a relatively easy thing to do?

Also will Augment island still be available?

And finally will the other games still be getting patches and updates....if the data guy is gone surely that's a big problem for COD and HON? or is the data guy exclusive to TG?

Belzial Publish time 2015-11-3 22:00:29

Ouch, two days before the final patch we've all been waiting for. Hell of a time to be hit with news like this :/

huntthegate Publish time 2015-11-3 22:11:45

Oh yeah baby final slap in the face for spending so much money and time on this game. Lies lies lies.
Oh well no one else but myself to blame for expecting a final patch.

CORREXTOR Publish time 2015-11-4 01:57:56

At this point I don't know what to say... I'm just hoping this is a JOKE!!!

huntthegate Publish time 2015-11-4 03:13:22

trying to drive us away from the game so that they can shut it down completely.

Goddwyn Publish time 2015-11-4 04:21:54


Two days from patch day you give us this news?

I hate to be "the guy" but...

Your loyal player base has stuck in there..some have continued to spend (including myself).. We've been patient and tried to remain optimistic about the entire situation..But this is just a kick in the teeth...

Your statement seems to suggest that as of 12 hours ago the "going to sleep fixes" patch has been canned by SH and they have no future plans to release it.. BUT....your personally going to push the "shot-callers" for the eventual development & release of such patch...

They could have, AT THE LEAST, fixed the WB....
IMO it is not an "employee" issue, it's a "we are not allowed to spend any more time working on this game, period" issue...

PK2000 Publish time 2015-11-4 04:45:17

Aside from adding in new features cards equips etc. Isn't most of the data just a set of .xls files.  Excel isn't very hard to use.  There are plenty of players on here that have knowledge of office programs and indeed game programming.  Was the data guys job to program the game or just pick numbers and try to make them balanced?
  Perhaps a more pressing question would be was the data he had access to including our credit card numbers or is that a separate entity?

Vecinuldedeasupra Publish time 2015-11-4 05:54:11

I hope that this is a joke.... And if not I want to believe that there was not only one developer working lately for the gate.... I am sure that there would be players that would help and can help....
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