Jehannum Publish time 2015-11-5 05:10:30

Auto-Upgrade for exp cards

With the new, higher exp costs in mind:

An Auto-Upgrade button on demon exp cards or an option to choose how many cards to spend like you can with Devil Blood would be a gigantic improvement as either would alleviate the tedious nature of spending a few hundred gold exp cards six at a time.  Level 51 to 52 alone is 15 repetitions of Auto Select + Upgrade followed by watching the spinning wheel.
Demon skill and weapon leveling have auto functions, why not add it to experience as well, which is used much more often?

Apie Publish time 2015-11-5 09:03:19

i second this, i just checked my lvl 55 demon, 23 repetitions to get to lvl56.
hard enough getting yellow exp cards for 23 repetitions as it is, the grueling upgrade process is like rubbing salt on the wound

landler Publish time 2015-11-5 11:26:49

Leveling Up demon now is very expensive so sad..

landler Publish time 2015-11-5 11:51:51

Upgrading Equipments now is too expensive.. cost a total of 18,300,000.00 to level 60.. doubled.

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-11-5 15:18:29

Will add the suggestion of some kind of auto upgrade to the 'suggestion list'
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