FlightTribe Publish time 2015-11-11 14:22:19

Heroes of Night global launch

Dear PlayersWe are proud to announce that Heroes of Night has now gone fully global on both iOS and Android.So head on over to the relevant link below and check it out if you fancy another slice of monstorous dungeon crawling and collecting fun.Android = http://bit.ly/1GWm8Ek
iOS = http://apple.co/1WM6pyG- Spicy Horse

obecity Publish time 2015-11-11 15:41:59

So does this mean all accounts are reset (beta finito?)

FlightTribe Publish time 2015-11-11 15:54:05

Nope, not even slightly  :loveliness:

NMFA123 Publish time 2015-11-11 16:11:57

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