Nech Publish time 2015-12-1 12:18:07

[Suggestion] Shop

I wish to have access to all the shops from the shop icon in the home.
Starting from gold shop, swiping to the side, cycle through other shops.
Thank you.

1426731005zdxEeM Publish time 2015-12-2 01:45:01

Not necessarily a bad idea, but that could take some major tweaking and coding. I personally fear something getting mucked up in the amount of coding and horribly screwing up the whole front page.

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-12-2 13:04:50

Oooooh, I like this idea! It's pretty bothersome to have to go in and out of different areas to reach the markets, and it would be really nice to see it all within a couple swipes of one another (or clicks, like the mares, click right or left and you go right or left in the shops).

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-12-2 13:08:02

That being said, I understand the decision to keep them all separate.

Nech Publish time 2015-12-3 06:21:47

I know nothing about coding, so I don't know what I'm suggesting.
Although that could be extended to equip and story levels, since personally I don't find friendly to go back and forward repeteadly.
When I want to spare resources evenly in 5 equip of same mare or when I'm looking for levels that I need to grind, would be nice to have a sweep feature.
@1426: the front page would stay the same, but the shop icon would lead to more shops.

PyongYunks Publish time 2015-12-4 21:59:22

I love that idea Nech. Actually I'd like to see a persistent menu at the bottom of the screen no matter where you go so you can go anywhere else with one tap instead of hitting the back arrow repeatedly.
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