Minus666 Publish time 2015-12-17 00:47:42

Important complaint

Hello to all players, and hello to the staff .

With the new patch there is now auto mode *1 / *2 and *4 speed
But the auto mode speed *1 is very unsupportable, making the game without fun (too lot of time needed) .
This game need already a lot of time to progress, but this new bad speed of auto mode is very bad for a lot of players .

I hope really the staff will listen my complaint,
and i hope a  lot of players will confirm that is very very bad for funplay .

Thx for your attention .

Purplex Publish time 2015-12-17 01:06:48

I fully agree. The pace of auto battle x1 is ridiculous. Despite all the good changes, this one is a deal breaker. The game already is grindy as it is and takes way too much time. Additionally slowing auto battles was uncalled for. Its frustratingly slow. And you even ask for VIP 4 to get a speed up?  Sorry to say it, but this is mockery.

Please return regular auto battles back to its previous speed.

1430283728cYIJIo Publish time 2015-12-17 15:47:38

With each new update the game becomes slower and slower... Now I have to wait while x1 auto battle finish 20 guild stages... Equipment upgrade cost is impossible now: I have to collect coins for 2-3 days to upgrade my demon's helmet from 47 to 48 lvl. So, my congratulations, spicy horse, you have done this game boring and impossible to play!
What next? Why don't you create x0.1 auto battle (10 times slower) for vip0 players?
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