1426731005zdxEeM Publish time 2015-12-23 23:26:18

Broken PVP, Still

I know your aware of it but for fucks sake fix it already.
The problem is even if you actively beat someone in PVP it still shows the "You Lose" screen

And yet, I can still apparently loose ranks in PVP. As of 8 AM GMT-7 I lost an arena match to someone which dropped me by one rank. A half hour later, I challenge and DEFEAT someone at ranked 14, only to get the "YOU LOOSE" screen and find my rank has not increased at all.

Seriously. Fix it already.

1426731005zdxEeM Publish time 2015-12-23 23:39:44

I *would* submit this as a ticket, if your ticket submission wasnt giving me a 502 Gateway Error every 5 minutes

FlightTribe Publish time 2016-1-5 17:43:54

Hi there

Sorry about the lose when you win bug, it's a seemingly constant thorn in our sides when it keeps rearing it's head every few months.  I hope it's still not happening?

Also as for bug reporting, that's Zendesk software, not us, so I'm not sure we can do anything about the error you're seeing about that other than to perhaps give the link to the browser version....


1426731005zdxEeM Publish time 2016-1-6 09:58:46

I did eventually submit a ticket about it when I woke up for work. Rin took care of it and made sure to talk to the devs. It still happens in Devil's Mines on occasion and very rarely in PVP Arena
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