Matti Publish time 2016-1-15 01:32:57


According to last uppdate... I am wondering when are You planning refund all soul coins which players had before update? I have frozen about 20 milons soul coins in equipment and now  it is worth nothing. That is unusuall that You still force info about refunding soul coins when stuff is sold.
Second thing , are You planning to Change the prices for upgradind equipment? Before last update , at my level, i needed 600 th. For upgrade and now it is 6 mil. It Takes too much time to gather that amount so i think i am wasting my time in this game.

Please Respond,

FlightTribe Publish time 2016-1-15 15:12:25

Hi there

1) Refund what?  The price for selling stuff is not a bug, it's by design.  A design choice we are going to reverse, however nothing sold during that period will be refunded since it's not a bug.

2) No soilid info on whether this will be going up or down or changing currently.  Assume it;s going to stay.


Matti Publish time 2016-1-15 19:08:17


About first thread... My apologize if that is not a bug, but in this case this is  worse for You. You say that is about design, so it means You conciously missinform players.


FlightTribe Publish time 2016-1-18 14:59:32

Can you point out the bit where we purposefully misinformed players?
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