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Recommend decent water team against WB and Guild boss please

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I'm considering Chary Tef Jeze Skellet
Im worrying that CC and defense skills are not enough to maintain battle (fear, morph and DS + silence?)

How about chary chary tef jeze?

Is there much better team against WB and Guild boss than this?

and wondering do I need a healer to solo fire guild boss?
I only have king rimmon now..

Webby Publish time 2016-1-19 11:11:17

Chary chary Tef and Jeze  is a good team for both bosses and WB yes.  You have both CC and UT/NQ good htting power and 4.5 buffs.

Skellet is good for Bosses....less so for WB imo

Soloing Fire is I believe impossible without a healer...and Rimmon is not good enough as a healer u need one of the 2 air healers.

The best WB team for damage/hit is now doing about 2.8 billion each hit....and does not use 2 chary.

However its not a racing team if you want to do max damage and max speed u need different set up.

Best in TG is very difficult to say but what u suggest is very good for what you want it to do though.

kylegass45 Publish time 2016-1-21 16:51:53

you dont need a healer if you have 2 ds and 2 fear..btw, 2 charry , teff and jeze is my line up on ua range..
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