Majoris Publish time 2016-3-15 20:41:59

Let me know how to get The Carnal Queen card

I think The Carnal Queen will be great for my liquid deck, so I want to know how to get that card.

diudiuz Publish time 2016-3-16 15:57:32

Can't. It was a limited card and not available in any way anymore. Unless someone with VIP Shop access tells us that it's available there. Costs hundreds of dollars to gain access though...

Webby Publish time 2016-4-17 11:37:33

Not available... along with Golru...... Barb.... etc

But Hellbunny (never return), Toastie (never return) and Omega (VIP 12500 gold lol), are and in normal IM/Arena shops!

Just about to finish my 2nd OMEGA for free and working on Bunny.... (DRAGONS DRAGONS*t i can't see a thing soooo many DRAGONS!!!)

PyongYunks Publish time 2016-4-21 03:40:17

Haha Webby, you can never go wrong with dragons! I'm working on Omega, but haven't started Hell Bunny yet. So much to do, so little time!

anday911 Publish time 2016-5-23 00:26:22

I am pretty sure I saw Golru in one of the shops , and surprisingly in arena if I don't remember wrong .

PyongYunks Publish time 2016-5-25 04:55:38

Hi Anday. I would be very surprised if you saw Golru. Can you get a screen shot if you see him again?
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