PyongYunks Publish time 2016-8-7 22:56:19

Anybody have a +15 disciple yet?

if so, which one?
If not, who's your highest?

Dermott Fictel Publish time 2016-8-8 00:12:22

My arena history says...

Anhai1972 and KingAndrew both have a +15 Tefnut
Therex67 has +15 Tefnut and also a +15 Gorgon Queen

PyongYunks Publish time 2016-8-8 05:33:50

Oh, ok, thank you, I never thought to look in Arena history. Do you know if +15 is the highest you can go?

Webby Publish time 2016-9-26 19:49:17

Edited by Webby at 2016-9-26 21:28

Annhai got the first Aug 15 Tef and then Aug 15 GQ
Therex got the second Aug 15 Tef
King Andrew the Third Aug 15 Tef
Me the fourth Aug 15 Tef
Kyleglass the Fifth Aug 15 Tef (Biggest IG)

Thats all of them i believe.

Mazin Publish time 2016-9-27 02:55:36

Nech have a +15 Befafes

Nuxx10 Publish time 2017-4-14 03:34:50

I've finally +15 my Scion :)
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