PyongYunks Publish time 2016-9-24 03:25:04

FlightTribe are you still reading forum posts?

if so could you ask someone to reboot the server The Gate is residing on? Looks like something is wrong. Thank you!

Webby Publish time 2016-9-26 19:53:57

Shanghai has shut down I believe. (Check the internet on Spicyhorse Shanghai office)

Tokay is on a boat.  (weird and wonderful projects at sea)

Flight is........ probably at another job by now.

Server is  related to all games Critter COD etc...from looks there is only one...and its in trouble.

s474n Publish time 2016-9-27 19:40:35

one server for all their games... no redundant server load? spicy horse fail!!!! ;P

xXxWarrior Publish time 2016-9-29 19:43:45

Tokay lives on a boat? I hear that something a-year ago. Crazy... :D
The Gate should be online for about 1 year+ yet before shutdown. Just sayin' =/
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