Webby Publish time 2016-9-26 20:18:08

Moving Servers apparently.

The Downtime we are experiencing is due to the movement of servers.  According to Tokay (American McGee) Twitter.

Others found this out (I'm just moving the info on)

PyongYunks Publish time 2016-9-26 21:55:05

Ok, thanks for the info Webby!

s474n Publish time 2016-9-27 19:37:36

What kind of monkey outfit IT company moves servers without notifying their customers of potential outages, nor uses industry standard procedures for avoiding such ridiculous outages. Sounds like bs to me... unless they really are monkeys!

PyongYunks Publish time 2016-9-28 03:56:38

Well, to be fair, SpicyHorse was very clear they were not going to develop or support these games anymore but said they would leave the servers running for us diehard fans. I'm sure they are still paying a monthly charge for the server space as well as the bandwidth costs out of their own pocket. I'd bet this server migration was to move the games to a cheaper hosting spot.

xXxWarrior Publish time 2016-9-29 19:03:29

I think somebody has been broken the promises... Anyone is able to access the game right now? I'm away about 5 days or so with no chances. They must remember, at least this, that lasts more than A YEAR to the deadline of the server. I hope they do not end worse than they already did till now. Crazy game on very bad hands...

PyongYunks Publish time 2016-9-30 04:32:50

As far as I know no one can get in yet. The way this is dragging on makes me think the game is gone for good.

Webby Publish time 2016-9-30 23:00:44

PyongYunks replied at 2016-9-30 03:32 static/image/common/back.gif
As far as I know no one can get in yet. The way this is dragging on makes me think the game is gone  ...

Yeah I begin to agree.....

Getting the feeling the usual lies have been told.....but at the end of day we can always blame it on the data guy! (I always got the feeling the bs and promises was about certain folk trying to believe they were better folk than they actually knew they were!)

Pretty slack style/ethics/morals wotever.... but then again we knew what we were getting with these guys.

PyongYunks Publish time 2016-10-1 06:47:11

Haha, yeah I remember the data guy saga! It would be interesting to talk to someone who knew the whole behind-the-scenes story. I don't know a thing about running a video game company, but I find it astonishing they couldn't find a way to make a game with such a loya fan base profitable.

s474n Publish time 2016-10-1 16:02:30

Maybe great firewall block threat to China...

s474n Publish time 2016-10-1 16:08:31

Pity theye didn't get bought out by a game developer that had a clue.
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