Wintersoldier Publish time 2017-1-12 07:37:47

Can't Buy Gold

Whenever I try to buy gold I get an error by Google Play saying that the item I requested is not available for purchase.

PK2000 Publish time 2017-2-5 15:24:38

The game, while playable right now, will not let you pay for anything.  It probably has to do with spicy horse shanghai studio being closed.  

Wintersoldier Publish time 2017-2-8 14:00:27

I thought that would be a major possibility. It would be interesting if microtransactions came back to this game. Oh well.

Laserman Publish time 2018-5-6 23:36:00

The game currently only supports iOS in game purchases!
I have asked if this is going to change in the foreseeable future.
It doesn't make sense to support in game purchases on one platform and the only other supported platform doesn't.

Also, Android phones for outnumber Apple's.
So I would expect this to be fixed.

Lava Larry
Addme: Laserman19
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