elissina Publish time 2017-6-26 03:00:59

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My english is bad, please accept it. I dont know that im supposed to write my problem here or not, but i need some help.
I have an account in The Gate, but unfortunately  deleted the game and i cant go back again, because i forgot my password. I tried to get it back with the forgot my password thing, but it has written "cant fint email". I tried to make another account with the same email then i get the message that says the email address is in use...so somehow it exists in the system.
I dont know what to do now to get back my acc. I couldnt find such a good game like this, so please help! :)

PK2000 Publish time 2017-9-14 10:27:22


krabsss Publish time 2017-9-19 00:56:54

hi, after few years I wanted to play again but when I login with my old account it becomes 1 lvl hero and 0 royalty progress :(. Is it possible to come back all progress?

PK2000 Publish time 2017-9-30 09:19:57

Did you play on mobile?  Did you do the mobage transfer?

krabsss Publish time 2017-10-1 15:25:40

on mobile, i didn't transfer

PK2000 Publish time 2017-10-10 05:11:51

I am not sure that you could recover that profile then.  You could always use your knowledge of the game and optimize a new profile.  

CORREXTOR Publish time 2017-11-22 13:26:16

I did the transfer but I can’t get my profile back... help please
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