M473US Publish time 2019-3-10 04:25:46

I want this game back!!!

Hello! Good afternoon for all!

My name is Mateus Duarte, I am a "The Gate" gamer from Brazil.
I lost my old game account "M473US" and create new account wich playing now is "0M473US0".
Well, I dont speak english very well, my native language is Brazilian Portuguese, but I will try to explain my what I need...
I want a VIP status, I want buy recharge in the game, but when I try to buy in shop shows a message with error. I can not buy in game shop because this error happen. In my old account "M473US" I was VIP/recharged.
Now, I have some questions: (please, answer me!)
1 - How I can buy recharge for "The Gate" game now?
2 - You can recovery my old account game "M473US"?
3 - You can put vip/recharge status from "M473US" account to my new account "0M473US0" if answer for the question 2 is negative?
Well, I love this game. I play "The Gate" everyday! Please, open the shop! I want keep playing "The Gate".


Mateus Duarte "M473US"

PK2000 Publish time 2019-3-30 08:50:37

You can get the account recovered if you played on android or apple devices and did the mobage transfer.  Not possible for facebook kongregate or armor players.  I don't think you can get vip status on a new account

M473US Publish time 2019-4-7 22:20:21

Thank you PK2000!
You know how I can to recover with "mobage transfer" ?

PK2000 Publish time 2019-4-12 05:38:23

That is for recovery of password on mobile if you remember the email info.  
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