Riku2005 Publish time 2013-2-3 16:08:17

[Suggestions] UI scaling, character zoom-in

Edited by Riku2005 at 2013-2-3 16:10

Some suggestions for the game at the moment. I've played 2 hours so far and enjoyed the game a lot. The graphics and gameplay are spot on. There are few problems I had with the game: one being that the UI is way too big.
I wish there was a way you could scale it so the mini map, skills slots, chat box and everything on the screen to look a bit smaller. Also I believe the camera is slightly too close to the character, it requires a little tweak (zooming out the game) there to make it look perfect for an ARPG.

Lastly, an extra zoom in feature so we can see how cool our character looks with various armor on would be a plus.

talic Publish time 2013-2-3 23:52:05

The HUD still needs some improvement, there is way to little space for clicking.
I think the main problem with the HUD, is they are aiming for a android/tablet/etc... release.
That's why the HUD is too big for the PC version even if you are playing in 1920x1080.

mido_raizen11 Publish time 2013-3-5 03:15:27

I agree with Riku, the zoom function doesn't help at all right now. The player should be able to zoom in-out with mouse wheel and the camera on the closed beta was perfect.

anduz Publish time 2013-3-5 06:00:03

You can change the window size if you play in browser with Ctrl and -/+ buttons, and you have a zoom in since latest patch the Z button. With it you can get a close look at your charter but i wouldent rekomend playing with it activated tho.

mido_raizen11 Publish time 2013-3-5 11:58:18

That's what I'm talking about, playing on the browser is imposible, at least for me, it's too damn slow. That feature should be availabe for those who play with launcher, sometimes you have very few space on the screen to walk, zooming out a little bit wout woud fix that.

anduz Publish time 2013-3-5 20:34:12

Edited by anduz at 2013-3-5 13:35

The Z button works in both the launcher and the Web client. And resizing the window should be able on the launcher of the standalone client aswell by changing the screen resolution. And if i was abit unclear in my previous post the Z button is a zoom in to be able as asked for in first post to:
Lastly, an extra zoom in feature so we can see how cool our character looks with various armor on would be a plus.

mido_raizen11 Publish time 2013-3-6 00:31:10

Yea the zoom in with Z is pretty neat for that, but I would like to zoom out too. But a zoom out is more useful in my opinion.  That thing with Ctrl and  + - didn't work for me in the browser, don't know what happened.
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