Wharrrrrrgarbl Publish time 2013-2-3 21:21:15

Community is incredibly unpleasant

So, this is the first time I've logged in since the beta, and I like the standalone client, but what's now filling my chat box is making me consider walking away (even after putting in $30 to the kickstarter). It's been half an hour of gems like "Dog is fucking chinese mother", "USA is dog", etc., punctuated by an occasional "WHERE R U". Is there a way to ban these people, or at least block public chat? The filter setting dialogue appears to do nothing.

Takahiro86 Publish time 2013-2-3 21:29:42

Yea agreed, it would be a good Idea to Implement a disable Chat function, or to create a friends only Channel (if possible in mp-support).

RocK_M Publish time 2013-2-3 22:03:45

I know what you mean... was there when that mess was running full blast

It's not that bad though. I've been playing for a bit during Beta. Unfortunately it seems like today was the day all the trolls came out to play.

Hopefully SH folks can get the mod/multiplay and chat systems tweaked soon!

Jean La Montarde Publish time 2013-2-3 22:42:35

Its a normal thing. The first day of the official launchment, the only thing you can read on the chat again and again its coop and friend list, others times chinese people that i cant understand and finally the trolls, this is the 50-75% of the chat conversation. The game its free is normal that a lot of people come to try it, maybe with time regular players keep and the trolls go...

WienerWuerstel Publish time 2013-2-3 23:05:04

Yeah, I hope the Trolls will go away after time. Trolls and stupid Kids are always a Problem in F2P Games and sadly it isn't different in Akaneiro. But as the Chat Feature's get improved and the real Community starts to build up there will be hopefully less trolling and more actual Conversations in the Chat.

MasterLotus Publish time 2013-2-4 00:45:26

Edited by MasterLotus at 2013-2-3 18:47

They should just use the best way to fix any noob-kid-chat problems - to make chat writing restricitions so you must be a lvl 9 character, to write in chat - thats will be enaught and gonna fix most problems with newbies, since its not like trolls really gonna play that further.

More bigger problem is getting some chienese / japan weird speech in chats - there should be english only!

Another good way to stop players from spamming "world chat" with useless messages - to make it PayToWrite - so you will need to spend 100 karma for every message + it can further rise with each new message and reset daily.

Kayuko Publish time 2013-2-4 00:50:28

There are so many chinese players... I guess a new channel for them (and only for them, so the english is only for english players and... well, you know.) wouldn't be the worst idea.

Shouldn't be that complicated and everyone would be happy.

Origami Publish time 2013-2-4 02:03:33

They don't have a mod-panel for ingame chat, so even pushing a mod to sit in-game wouldn't be too effective right now. There are too many messages at same time. But they're working on that. For now i advice you to just don't use ingame chat, if you have any problems - go to web chat here - http://spicyworld.spicyhorse.com/world/game-akaneiro.html . You'll find there someone who can help you with anything almost all the time.

I think that language based chatrooms will be the best solution. Additional Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and French rooms should be more than enough to keep everyone happy. It would solve national-based disputes once and for all.

zairs Publish time 2013-2-4 02:08:45

Hello everyone, we are sorry for the inconvenience and we are attempting to deal with the situation. As of the moment, please try to ignore it and use the side-chat as we are able to ban / kick from that chat. We will hopefully soon be able to kick and ban users in-game as moderators ourselves, but currently only developers can do so.

Again, we are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, and hopefully we can get this resolved as quickly as possible with various methods we have planned.

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-2-4 02:31:27

there will always be trolls in f2p games, they will not leave. akaneiro has 4 chat rooms, why not make them area based (NA, EU, BR and Asia)
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