dashgalaxy86 Publish time 2013-2-4 22:29:21

Ban the user above you!

The game is simple. You're an overzealous moderator and you're looking for an excuse, any excuse no matter how inane or nonsensical, to ban the last person who posted.

All you do is you write a ^ to point above and then write your reasoning for why this person is banned from the forum. (These are of course not real bans)

^Banned for being too sexy for his own good.

DejaVuAgain Publish time 2013-2-5 00:59:43

^inciting angst

DTBIncarnate Publish time 2013-2-5 01:22:19

^Antagonizing angsty users

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-2-5 05:13:58

Edited by B10H4Z4RD at 2013-2-4 18:40

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKDdT_nyP54video, y u no embed

dashgalaxy86 Publish time 2013-2-5 09:33:34

^Banned for failing to ban.

epicmegapanda Publish time 2013-2-5 13:36:51

^Banned for having his username end in numbers

DejaVuAgain Publish time 2013-2-5 16:58:55

^ Banned for not using capital letters

dashgalaxy86 Publish time 2013-2-5 18:28:18

^Banned because she actually DID use a capital B, and since these aren't proper sentences they honestly don't "need" capital letters.

DejaVuAgain Publish time 2013-2-5 20:10:18

^ banned for confusing who is above my previous banning and not realising proper nouns should always be capitalised

dashgalaxy86 Publish time 2013-2-5 20:19:01

^Banned for not specifying that you were talking about a name and not the sentence :D
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