Ophelea Publish time 2013-2-5 08:49:06

Screenshots and Other Pretty Things

This here thread will be for player screenshots, fan art, review links, and stuff that is generally cool about Akaneiro: Demon Hunters. If you've got something you'd like to submit, please do so! Send it to ophelea@spicyhorse.com. I'll do my best to post it as soon as possible.

Now... on to the show!

Ophelea Publish time 2013-2-5 09:02:12

From karmacappa, long-suffering beta tester.

Ophelea Publish time 2013-2-5 09:04:13

Null... running, away, quickly.

Ophelea Publish time 2013-2-6 08:10:12

From last night's awesome and informational Kickstarter update (Go read!) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spicyhorse/akaneiro-demon-hunters/posts/399224  and image from Arekusu

Ophelea Publish time 2013-2-6 08:11:19

Our first piece of fan art, from the Chinese interwebs. Artist unknown. Angry Red and Alice.

Ophelea Publish time 2013-2-7 08:05:36

New screenshot! Don't forget to send your screenshots and fan art to Ophelea@spicyhorse.com.

Today's image is brought to you by Red Girl. Look at the amazing colors in this one...

Ophelea Publish time 2013-2-8 08:32:44

Another piece of concept art. More of Alice and Angry Red.Again, artist unknown. Don't forget to send me your screens and art ophelea@spicyhorse.com And remember, for 8 more days you can buy Akaneiro ANDautographed Alice items from http://tinyurl.com/HelpAka

dracado69 Publish time 2013-2-9 11:04:10

hi!! i had a little question... what you have to learn or study to make desings and artworks in a computer just like the spicy horse team and other videogame developers?? thanks and sorry my english is not perfect:)

Ophelea Publish time 2013-2-10 05:17:33

Ok, I was going to put up a screenshot today but then this piece of serious awesomeness showed up. You guys really need to sign your work.

Zic Publish time 2013-2-10 09:16:31

I can't believe my design for the spicy horse spirit pet actually got posted, I feel honoured ;P
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