sjwt Publish time 2013-2-6 13:38:25

Unable to connect for 15+ hours.

I have been unable to connect for about 15 hours..

I noticed that the facebook post about a new server goign up said Australians would also be useing it and I am in Australia.

Is it down totaly?

tobasko Publish time 2013-2-6 18:05:43

I'm in Russia and I can't  connect to server either  , so I assume it's down completely.

dashgalaxy86 Publish time 2013-2-6 18:23:57

It is not down. There is a new launcher that you need to download. Once you install that, it should work just fine.

MartyMcFly Publish time 2013-2-6 18:49:30

Thanks, I had the same problem but I saw this launcher on the main page. Now it works fine

Moxxie Publish time 2013-2-13 20:24:30

try checking your firewalls and other applications that might be blocking your connection

Cassielle Publish time 2013-2-13 23:46:20

This is extremely outdated information. The affected users had out of date launchers, which is an issue that will hopefully get rarer over time. I'm closing this thread because it has no point anymore and it being up near the top of the forum is just confusing and pointless.
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