abuzr Publish time 2013-2-6 13:56:54

Kongregate Data

I have a character who is level 12, and I've spent about $20 in kreds on this game. I am wondering if the character on kongregate can be accessed via the windows client also?

Garland Publish time 2013-2-6 14:02:29

No; Kongregate has chosen to host solely on their servers for whatever reason, so your character is sadly locked to that website.

abuzr Publish time 2013-2-6 14:09:04

Fair enough. do you think I should continue to play on kongregate or start a new one on the windows client?

Moxxie Publish time 2013-2-13 20:25:16

theres no option yet as that, the game still needs updates
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