smokie Publish time 2013-2-7 10:01:53

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters Wiki!

Hey guys, my name is smokie and I'm an admin over at Curse Gamepedia

We really enjoy Akaneiro DH and have decided to put up a wiki @

We could really use some help and hope to see some of you guys helping out with this awesome game!

-smokie (I edit under the name "rasputiny")

Amalaira Publish time 2013-2-7 14:35:59


Garland Publish time 2013-2-8 00:08:52

First thing I noticed was the notice that the game is in beta.

The game is out of beta, unless I've been lied to.

smokie Publish time 2013-2-8 04:44:40

Yeah, you're right.
" Both the dedicated PC client & web version will enter open beta in January 2013, and launch to the public as Free-to-Play or "Buy it All" on January 25 . " from Kickstarter campaign.

Garland Publish time 2013-2-8 09:02:49

I'm surprised Curse has taken an interest in Akaneiro. I've only ever heard of you guys hosting the MC forums.

And particular reason for choosing Akaneiro, and any other forums/wiki's you guys host?

smokie Publish time 2013-2-8 11:03:01

We have been supporting smaller games for quite some time, especially quite a few kickstarter games. You can see our wiki portal @ . We love all games and take special pride in supporting the smaller communities.

Garland Publish time 2013-2-8 11:38:45

Hm, fascinating.

I've never edited a Wiki before, but considering the Akaneiro wiki looks pretty bare-bones, I'll give it a shot whenever I get online.

smokie Publish time 2013-2-8 11:50:04

yeah, any help is appreciated and editing a wiki is pretty simple once you understand the basics. There is a help section and other things that can help you get your feet wet.

7signs Publish time 2013-2-9 22:35:42

Good stuff + 1 :)

smokie Publish time 2013-2-12 14:29:08

7signs replied at 2013-2-9 22:35 static/image/common/back.gif
Good stuff + 1


Please feel free to drop by and help out!
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