saiko9 Publish time 2013-2-7 14:09:17

ram consumption

after playing for an hour the game uses up 1.3 gb of ram. is that normal?

Manole Publish time 2013-2-7 23:44:21

I have the same problem, the game uses 1.3 gb ram if I play using the client and 0.8 gb ram if I play using the browser. This game needs a fix fast, it is not normal for my computer to bleed resources all over when playing Akaneiro.

B10H4Z4RD Publish time 2013-2-8 04:57:08

lol? 1.3g is nothing, get more ram, and there is no problem, art is like that of most console/client games, so its supposed to take up lots of ram

Cassielle Publish time 2013-2-8 07:09:37

Akaneiro system requirements are, bare minimum, 2GB -- for a reason. It's not anything we can fix, but if you go yell at Unity to optimize their engine... well, we won't say a word. ;)

Neutron15 Publish time 2013-2-8 08:45:15

no problems for me, im playing it on a laptop with 1GB

saiko9 Publish time 2013-2-8 11:01:31

But the game data itself is less than 600 mb, how is it becoming 1.3 gigs?

Chaos379 Publish time 2013-2-12 17:46:03

same here, taking up a lot of RAM.
and my ping spikes to 1790 sometimes :L

Cassielle Publish time 2013-2-12 19:43:40

Chaos379 replied at 2013-2-12 17:46 static/image/common/back.gif
same here, taking up a lot of RAM.
and my ping spikes to 1790 sometimes

Ping spikes are a problem right now. You need to note the ping value in ms, the time (and timezone) it occurs in, and your location, and send those to ZenDesk so I can forward them to our engineer.

Moxxie Publish time 2013-2-13 11:52:34

maybe its in the computer ! graphic problem maybe
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