vnpowa Publish time 2013-2-7 19:51:50

Merging accounts

Edited by vnpowa at 2013-2-7 19:59

I've looked around a bit but as I haven't found anything I'm asking here:

Is there anyway to merge an existing Akaneiro account from Spicyhorse with a Kongregate account?

If anyone knows I'd really appreciate an answer :P

Origami Publish time 2013-2-7 20:26:13

Unfortunately, no. Kongregate policy doesn't allow such actions. Kongregate accounts are somehow independent from Spicyhorse ones, but afaik they're stored on the same servers so co-op between them probably will be possible.

And it's highly possible that it will be the same way with Steam version, but Valve didn't decided anything yet. It's up to them.

Garland Publish time 2013-2-8 00:06:58

Edited by Garland at 2013-2-8 09:01

I don't think you can merge accounts.

I dunno.

Cassielle Publish time 2013-2-8 07:05:52

Co-Op will be allowed. But for legal reasons beyond our control, we can't merge Kong and Spicy accounts.

Moxxie Publish time 2013-2-13 20:17:40

kongregate and spicy are different :(
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