Shinig4mi Publish time 2013-2-11 20:14:55

How to log in??

I have account from Kongregate and i'd like to know if its possible to log in with that acount from the client???

tobasko Publish time 2013-2-11 21:05:24

Edited by tobasko at 2013-2-11 19:09

Not sure if that's even possible, but 1st thing that came to my mind  - try to use the same e-mail and password as you use in kongregate :)

Origami Publish time 2013-2-11 21:44:03

No, Kongregate policy doesn't allow this kind of actions. Their accounts are mostly indepentent from Spicyworld system, but they use the same servers though, so co-op between spicyworld players and kogregate ones will be available in future.

And no, you can't merge your kongregate account with spicyworld one or transfer characters between them.

Shinig4mi Publish time 2013-2-11 21:51:06

Well thanks for the answers and quite sad about them because somehow kong burns my phisical memory up and launcher doesnt so :(
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