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Cunning Character Guide (upd 10/3)

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greetings, fellow akaneiros!

I really like the game, and I really like numbers, so here's an attempt to mix them both to describe a bit of my experience with a pure cunning character.

POWER: It gives you more weapon damage. It won't be very needed for us.
DEFENSE: Why defend when you can fend? ...with a big *$%* explosion! (this might be your second choice)
SKILL: This has been my one and only focus. Since I am using cunning skills, I want them to be as powerful as possible.

Weapon of choice~~~~~~
- I quickly picked up the 2-handed weapons because of the fact they can damage multiple enemies, which is incredibly powerful at low and mid levels. However, since I cannot rush headlong into the hordes of enemies at the latter levels, I wouldn't mind any weapon at all; actually, a couple of one handed weapons with good bonuses might prove more useful.

Weapon Speed:
Very Slow: 1 second per hit
Slow: 0.9 seconds per hit
Fast: 0.52 seconds per hit
Very Fast: 0.48 seconds per hit

Medium Armor: Since This is a spellcaster build, we want to be able to spam our deadly spells, and for this we need Energy Regeneration. This passive *awesome* skill does a good job.

level Energy regen per second per piece

1 ?

3 20
4 25

Light Armor: We won't be using this

Heavy Armor: You migt want to heal between battles, and this can be a way to do it: just equip some heavy armor pieces, and let this skill do the rest. (I should open a new section for healing)

Here comes the magic. ---> LINK TO SPREADSHEET <---

This info is for lvl 1 and 2: It does 4 ticks of damage plus an initial (not always seen) tick of damage + half of it (not sure!). This is 5,5 ticks of damage. Each "tick" does 7 + 0.2*SKILL damage (rounded up)
lvl 3: it gains 3 more ticks for a total of 8 ticks (plus an initial 7 + SKILL/6 damage (rounded up)). Also, the damage becomes 9 + 0.3*SKILL (rounded up) per tick.

it is widely used in the community. I'll post more lvl info once I gather enough karma and time.
lvl 1: does 4 ticks of 4+0.5*SKILL damage (rounded up)
lvl 2: same as lvl 1 damage wise
lvl 3: 4 ticks of 4+0.25*SKILL damage (rounded up) are added, although not everytime are "seen".
NOTE: before 109 SKILL, Firebomb does more damage, with both skills at lvl 3.

Stinging Shot:   
Holy guacamole! This is overpowerful. As of now, unless ambushed, you can take *any* enemy down with this.
lvl 1: 6 ticks of 7+0.25*SKILL damage (rounded up)
lvl 2: 6 ticks of 7+0.35*SKILL damage (rounded up)
lvl 3: same damage as lvl 2, and enemies flee!! Yes, you head that right: the enemy runs away, screaming in pain.
**Note: in prolonged battles, if you want to compare this spell's damage to Firebomb or Caltrops, you have to make it double! The reason is that since you'll be casting continuously, and you'll have a fixed energy regeneration rate, and since this spell costs half of what the others cost, you'll be able to cast it TWICE as much!!
***Note2: I think I saw a decrease in damage vs Bosses; I'll test it and update the info asap.

Dark Hunter:   
It starts good.. and it ends up awesome!
lvl 1 and 2: it temprary increases your SKILL; use it right before that sniper shot.
lvl 3: It heals you for 5 + SKILL each second for 11 seconds!!
You'll want to keep this one cast while fighting. Casting it while it is in use will take the buffed skill points for healing.

HEALING ~~~~~~
So.. you like to stay in shape, don't you? So do I. Here I'll list some ways to regain your health back.
- Heavy Armor Mastery: It gives you a little HP regeneration. Not recommended.
- lvl 3 Dark Hunter (cunning Skill): as stated above, in the Skills section, it gives you a nice HP regen, but starting characters might not be able to get this, so we have..:
- Chi Prayer (fortitude skill):
     A tick per second. Sounds good, doesn't it? :)
     lvl 1: heals for 16 ticks of 20+3/2 DEF each.
     lvl 2 and 3: heals for 16 ticks of 20+2*DEF each.

I'll try to update this as soon as I find the time to it. I hope it helps both the community of players and the developers to spot any balance issues.

PS: I play in kongregate by the same name.

- added energy costs
- added healing section with some info
- added update info section

- correct weapon times
- added Caltrops damage formula due to popular use
- added link to a shared spreadheet for easier damage calculation

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*saved for future use* (or not, who knows.. but just in case :3)

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*saved for future use* (or not, who knows.. but just in case :3)

You realy like numbers=)) good work!

Hardhorse Publish time 2013-2-28 07:03:20

^ Right lol he does like numberz !
Thanks for the breakdown casimodo!!

Saiyan Publish time 2013-3-1 00:02:55

If you are pure cunning, how much crit chance do you have at lv20? With Dark hunter?

casimodo Publish time 2013-3-2 07:03:05

Saiyan replied at 2013-3-1 00:02 static/image/common/back.gif
If you are pure cunning, how much crit chance do you have at lv20? With Dark hunter?

At lvl 20, and with Dark Hunter, with a total of 103 Skill, I have 21% crit chance.

I haven't tested it much, but the formula *might* be: (wild blind guess)

crit chance = 1 + rounded(SKILL / 7)

And if this is so, Dark Hunter 3 adds +5 crit chance.

AnnaPurna Publish time 2013-3-3 04:00:30

thanks a lot. casimodo :)

astromilleniumx Publish time 2013-3-6 07:25:49

Nice guide. I have a question.
Until level 25, firebomb is better than caltrops?

mido_raizen11 Publish time 2013-3-6 08:11:56

Thanks a lot Casimodo, really helpfull.  I've tried Both Caltrops III and Firebomb III and Caltrops is way better I believe.

Hardhorse Publish time 2013-3-6 08:18:09

Casimodo old friend (heh),
Um, I just realized that the other two classes (er whatever you wanna call em) must be sorry they don't have a friend like you!

And again thanks for sharing!
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