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My Idea for Alice In Otherland

Hot 2Viewed 2149 times2013-1-10 23:09 | into, all, character, continue, change

American McGee said that in Alice in Otherland: "would allow Alice to go into the minds of all these characters she encounters, and it opens up the possibility where you could play as Alice and you can enter into a player's mind, change the landscape, and then basically psychologically adjust the character in doing so. Imagine an MMO where the missions aren't locations, but they're people." That Idea is not a great one, my point is that Alice in Otherland will continue where AMR ended.

Alice In Otherland will continue where AMR ended, it will also be the last adventure of Alice. In Alice mind, London and Wonderland merged as a result she is stuck in this new realm. The story will put Alice to find a way to get back into reality, to do this she will have to revisit the events of Wonderland, she will meet new allies and new foes that will try to stop her.

The gameplay will be the same as in AMR( platforming etc.), enemies will have a health bar, teeth will return as currency, Weapons from AMR will return and there will also new weapons, Chesire Cat will aid you in battle (which is originally planned for American McGee's Alice but was scrapped)

As you revisit the events of wonderland, you will encounter old foes from AMA, AMR and new foes called Dream Demons, Dream Demos resides in place called Dark Forest near Queensland, like the ruin (AMR enemy) you will encounter Dream Demons in many forms, the leader of the Dream Demons is called Abyss.

You will revisit locations from AMA and AMR plus a new Location called Dark Forest, Dark Forest is the realm of the Dream Demons

Characters from AMA and AMR will return, some of them will give advice and riddles, New Characters:  Charlie (scrapped character from AMR, Ally), Liddell Family (Wonderland Form, Ally), Dream Demons (Enemies), Abyss (Leader of Dream Demons, The Great Clock (Ally), Jabberwock (Shadow Form, Ally), Sane Children (opposite of Insane Children, Ally), Card People (Ally), Wasp Queen (scrapped enemy from AMR, Ally)

Her outfits from AMR returns, she will also have new outfits that is connected to the new weapons, in AMR when Alice dodge butterfly appears, but in this case it is different (for example: Silk Maiden Dress - when Alice dodge cherry blossoms will appear, Siren Dress - when Alice doge water bubbles will appear) it is based on the corresponding outfit.

 To be continued ........





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Reply Neutron15 2013-1-10 23:20
I emphasise it based on my experience on AMA and AMR and Im not yet done with this blog, Im going to replay AMA and AMR so I get more ideas
Reply Neutron15 2013-2-7 12:11
I will continue the blog next month
Reply Mati9319 2013-9-6 02:35
Really? Londerland is not a new realm. Alice IS in reality. It's actual real world, but she sees all these Wonderland features, cause of experience she gained in both games. She's not stuck, nor trapped. If she's moving around actual London (not in her mind), then there are no material boundaries (created by her mind) for her to move about. "Londerland view mode" (yes, that's how I call this phenomenon ;___;) is "symbolic" for Alice. It's nothing bad. It simply shows that her view on the reality is now "full of hope", bright and colorful.

Everything alright for me.



Liddell Family? Strange idea :/ However "Abyss" sounds good.

Well, I demand nothing more than Steamdress (my favorite cause it's EPIC and BADASS).

Important note: almost everything I wrote are just my personal thoughts, so take it easy.

About MMO concept: I don't think it's a good idea either. Not for an "Alice" game.

Oh, there's one more thing: change this wallpaper plz :c It's almost impossible to read black font with it.


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