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Bleh this sickness.

Hot 3Viewed 2615 times2012-9-25 02:04

I've been sick for the past couple of days but yesterday and today are the worst days. Dayquil every four hours, lots of vitamin water, soup and rest. Today I decided to go to school but only after oversleeping through my first class, and boy did I make a mistake!

Regardless of whether I go to school or not, I realized that I have the wonkiest dreams when I am sick. Like, they memorable and weird as shit.  I had a dream I was in my apartment alone watching the television when my TV started to get really staticy. The static was ear shattering, I tried really hard to cover my ears but it still resonated through my head. The TV started showing Slenderman's face and I just stared at it. I wasn't afraid I was just kinda of like "Huh..ain't that weird?" . Then Slenderman appeared in the corner of my room. I tried talking to him and I started make food and he sat down while I was eating. XD It was really weird. Then I remember giving him a hug, I suddenly had a huge rush of static perice through my head and I woke up with a headache.
It's so weird how the mind works. A dream tricked me into believing that it was real and my body reacted in a realistic way. Really wonky. Had to take aspirin in the morning.




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Reply War 2012-9-25 09:42
That's pretty strange haha. I got sick myself too and it sucks, but not much else you can do about it besides rest and drinking orange juice.


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