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moncler men vests stalk

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Edible Wild Plants in Washington State These are the bane of many hikers. Their captivating heartshaped leaves hide a row of daggerlike thorns just waiting for you to bump into them. moncler women jackets Hikers report, however, that if you harvest the leaves moncler women vests and scrape off the thorns, they're quite tasty. There are even recipes for Nettle soup, which is filled with vitamins and minerals. Reportedly, ingesting nettles, whether as salad greens or in a soup, can render you immune to their sting.

Cattails and other Wetland Foods Cattails grow in many streams and along riverbeds throughout the state. Many parts of the cattail are edible. The roots can be prepared like potatoes and are best in the fall. The flowering tops of each moncler men vests stalk moncler men jackets yield a pollen that can be used as flour in making pancakes or muffins. The buds of the flowers and early leaf shoots can be steamed like asparagus.

Dandelion greens are edible and almost always widely available. You may also want to moncler women coats try the leaves of the purslane, sheep sorrell, thistle, clover, chickweed and yellow dock. Carry a field guide with you whenever you hike or forage, until you're sure that you can identify moncler men coats these foods.




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