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moncler outlet online a great example

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Dogs That Have Single Coats Hi, I'm Jenn Fadal, "The Pack Mom," and I'm here today with my friend, Sierra, and we're here to give you some tips on dogs that have single coats. Yes, they do exist, and Sierra's moncler outlet online a great example. But, before we talk about her, let's talk about dogs that are doublecoated. They are the dogs that maybe have a sleek top coat, and then their undercoat is soft and furry almost like down feathers. And, that's what is the culprit of shedding. So, back to Sierra. Sierra is singlecoated. And, if you just look at her skin, it is really short, little bit coarse, but there's nothing underneath it. So, when I brush Sierra, my brush is pretty much going to come clean. No hair, at all. So, the benefits of a singlecoated dog are less shedding. They do shed a little bit all year long, but they're not going to blow their coats twice a year. And, their grooming maintenance is little to none when they have short single coats. Now, long singlecoated dogs are different, like a Maltese, or a poodle, or even an Afghan hound. If you keep their coats long, maintenance is going to be required. Shortcoated dogs, or moncler outlet dogs that have single coats, are great in warm climates. But, in the moncler outlet store wintertime be a bit careful. So, think about your shaky, shivery Chihuahua that in the winter months definitely will need a coat or a sweater. But, regardless, if your dog has a short, easy, single coat, or is a doublecoated fur ball, no matter if you have to spend more money at the groomer than you do at your own hair salon, we love our pets, and we're going to do what is necessary to take care of them. Thanks for watching. I'm Jenn Fadal, "The Pack Mom," talking about dogs that have single coats. Have a great day! 




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