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Facebook Harvest Sales for Non Facebook users
I just saw the 25th - 29th Gold Facebook Harvest Sales news . Along with the gold, items are discounted during the period as well. What about us non-facebook players - using email , or playing throug ...
Killed Event boss and got a r3 card
Hello, I just killed a Lord Surtr boss and got a r3 card from it (Craggy Namtar i think) wasn't I supossed to get a Lord Surtr card instead ?


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球中文补丁啊 2014-9-7 21:36:17 Tangwanzi


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Denver Nuggets Yesterday 12:03 Michelle2014
Game Strategy

Game Strategy

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General Discussion

General Discussion

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Build advice, anyone? 2014-4-30 16:26:42 AielloFA


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