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everything was glued
everything was glued
<P>Digital Comic Book After everything was glued up and thight and nice i started to shine the book up a bit.</P>
<P>Paper and woodglue is great combo to clean up with. Especially after the mess i made. I tried to keep the outside as "booklike" as i could. Some of the pages warped a bit, but <a href="http://www.moncleroutletvip.com/"><STRONG>http://www.moncleroutletvip.com/ </STRONG></a>i got most of it cleaned up. A sharp knife goes a long way :D</P>
<P>I put the front trough the cnc machine to carve "Comic Book" into it. Sanded and cut to clean the cnccut up, and folowed trough with cutting out the rest of the front by hand.</P>
<P>Then glued a page from a comic book behind the letters with a brown backingpaper. Also cut out some paper to clean up the edges around the screen, and to cover some of the edges of the lcd and touch screen.</P>
<P>Yes, so was i, especially when i had to turn the screen over,blocking the biggest fan outlet. But, i cut out air intakes/outakes for all the fanst/heat sinks. And the blocked fan got some new wenting holes. Also the computer had a big old graphic card and heatsinks that are all connected. I am running the settings on balanced power plan, (only screen on full brightness) I tested, keeping the computer on with lid closed for 24 hours and temperatures was below my everyday laptop.</P>
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