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<P>Dog General Description Dogs range in height from 5 to 34 inches ( 12.7 to 86.4 cm) at the top of the shoulder blades. The smallest breed, the Chihuahua, weighs two to six pounds (0.9 to 2.7 kg); the largest breed, the mastiff, weighs up to 220 pounds (100 kg). Most dogs are born with a fairly long tail; the tail may be docked (cut) for appearance or cleanliness. The ears may be short or long, erect or hanging. In some breeds, the ears are cropped (cut) for appearance.</p> <P>The dog has five toes on its forefeet and four toes on its hind feet. The innermost claw on each foot is called the dewclaw. The dewclaw is located <a href="http://www.moncleroutletvip.com/"><strong>moncler outlet store</strong></a> slightly above the other claws and serves no apparent function. It is sometimes removed for cosmetic reasons. A dog's claws, unlike those of a cat, cannot be retracted.</P> <P>There are five basic types of coats: short and smooth; wirehaired (hard and wiry); wavy, curly, or corded; long and silky with feathering (fringes of hair on the legs, ears, tail, or chest); and double. Dogs adapted to cold climates typically have a thick double coat. The outer layer is composed of guard hairs, coarse hairs that protect against ice and snow; the inner layer is composed of soft, woolly hairs that help prevent the loss of body heat. <a href="http://www.moncleroutletvip.com/"><strong>moncler outlet online</strong></a> Coats are composed of either long or short hair, depending on the breed.</P> <P>Most dogs have <a href="http://www.moncleroutletvip.com/"><strong>moncler outlet</strong></a> a thin, light coat during the summer and a heavier one during the winter. They shed the winter coat in spring and grow a new one in late fall. Some dogs do not grow winter coats and shed very little. Dogs kept indoors tend to shed all year. Some dogs have no hair at all.</P>
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