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Valentino your weddi
Valentino your weddi
<P>Wedding Nail Fashion for the Bride Next, decide how fashionable you want your nails to be on your wedding day. What kind of statement do you want them to make? First, consider the formality of <a href="http://www.valentinohandbagssale.com/"><STRONG>Valentino</STRONG></a> your wedding. A more formal occasion will dictate the kind of dress you wear, which will help you choose a color and design for your nails. Be true to your individual sense of style, and let your nails be an extension of your personality. Make a splash with bright pinks or reds if it's appropriate for the occasion, or choose a light pink or taupe for a more natural look. <P>While leaving your nails in the hands of a professional is recommended, you can do your own manicures in the months before your wedding to save a little money. Just schedule the final appointment with a manicurist to ensure your wedding day nails are in tiptop shape. To give your nails salon treatment at home, first remove any polish and wash <a href="http://www.valentinohandbagssale.com/"><STRONG>valentino handbags online</STRONG></a> your hands in lukewarm, soapy water. After you thoroughly dry your nails and hands with a soft towel, clip nails evenly and carefully. Once you achieve the desired length, move a file across the tops of nails in a fluid motion filing back and forth is too harsh and will weaken your nails. Use lotion and push back cuticles when necessary (but be sure to clean lotion from nails before applying polish), then apply a base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat. To ensure polish won't chip or smudge, allow nails to dry for at least 15 minutes or to be sure it's perfectly dry, even longer. </P>
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