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Alice 3 concerns [Copy link]

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Edited by Jannak at 2013-4-19 05:30

Well first of all I'll link to this article:


I've been having some worrying concerns about Alice 3 lately which are.

1. The main concern that'll abanndon it's traditional Single Player narriative AAA game to a F2P multiplayer online game which goes against what Alice is and I doubt it'll work.

2. Also it'll be a downgrade compared to the other two games which the main worrying concern that instead of being a third person game like the two games were, it'll instead be like Akanerio and also be a severe downgrade compared to the two other games (like using the Unity engine instead of something more advanced like the Unreal 4 engine). Not to mention it would have no voice actors as well seeing that Akanerio has a lack of them as well.

3. Last of all, if the game is connected to online at all times, it would not be playable for 20 years later so what's the point of making it in the first place?

I hope Mcgee is reading and considering this since he needs to double think about putting things through since I don't want Alice 3 to be the final straw of Mcgee's career where he has ruined what he's known for.

In short: Alice 3 NEEDS to be a single player AAA narriative game and I think it needs to be a big project like the original Alice (or what A:MR could have been) was, plus it should be a Steam game not a online always game.

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Post time 2013-4-5 23:40:03 |Show all posts
Wow. I didn't even know Alice 3 has been planned. Couldn't even play the first two games. *still waiting for my Kickstarter reward *

I don't like EA though, so your concerns are rightly placed!

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Post time 2013-4-6 18:04:02 |Show all posts
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, today I got my Kickstarter Alice Game.

First I thought: A box from China? I can't remember ordering something online. And this looks like a bomb. But it was Alice - Madness Returns after all


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Post time 2013-4-8 10:36:47 |Show all posts
It is WAAAAY too early to be worrying about all this. Also, you're making a ton of assumptions based on totally unrelated projects. *IF* we do another Alice game, then it will be from a fresh start with a design based on what we assume Alice fans want from the franchise. Why on earth would Akaneiro's lack of VO have anything to do with a new Alice project?

Best that you save the freak-out for when actual details are released. That could be months or years from now. If you start with the freak-out now, you'll wear yourself out before any real details are released.

The passion is appreciated, but really... no point in piling on negative assumptions so early in the discussion.

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Post time 2013-4-9 06:05:26 |Show all posts
If EA isn't funding this they have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Good luck, and keep us informed (as much as your allowed to).

Hope to see something on kickstarter in the near future.  

Would back!


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Eliminate Any Survivors

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Post time 2013-4-9 18:56:57 |Show all posts
i hope that Alice 3 is going to rock but the idea is not

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Post time 2013-4-10 13:33:36 |Show all posts
Alice: Madness Returns is currently my favorite game of all time. AMA was good, but A:MR did a lot of things better, primarily in combat. The simplicity of only four main weapons was great (though I do wonder what A:MR would have been like with a similar arsenal to AMA), and the introduction of the dodge technique was awesome. There were only two things about the game itself that I didn't like: the lack of boss fights at the end of each or select chapters, and the lack of more challenging and unique puzzles. Many of the puzzles in A:MR felt out of place to me, but that's just my opinion.

I also have to agree with Jannak's concerns. I would much prefer a single-player narrative game. Though the idea of a multiplayer sounds pretty great as an addition. Infact, with a weapons system like AMA, a multiplayer versis mode would make a lot of sense, similar to older games such as Half Life and Jedi Knight.

Obviously these are just suggestions, something to consider during the process. I really like the idea of Alice being able to project herself into other peoples mindscapes. At first the idea sounded a little strange to me, but now I think it's a lot like the next logical step.

This is my interpretation (based on my own thoughts, but primarily what other people have said): In the books Alice could basically only "get to" Wonderland when she was asleep, kind of like an ability that isn't fully developed because she was young. In AMA, the tragedy twisted her mind, and was reflected by her mindscape. Her journey was obviously to regain her sanity, which she does. In A:MR, even though she's regained her sanity, she hasn't fully regained her memories. In this game, she overcomes her challenges in the physical world by facing the problems and issues that she couldn't face as a child, and was made to forget. So now as an a adult, fully in charge of herself both mentally and physically, she begins to do what she should have been doing all along, helping the people who she ignored/forgot (most namely the orphans).

As a question to American: Is that about right as a summary?

Something I think would be cool would be if the primary goal that Alice has in A:O is to find proof of what Dr. Bumby was doing. She did kind of kick him in front of a train. Maybe I don't understand 1890's London very well, but I can't imagine something like that wouldn't go without possible consequences.

Anyways, I've made enough opinions and speculations.

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Post time 2013-4-22 21:41:25 |Show all posts
Hmm, check American McGee's facebook page. There are quite some updates and concept works, even though its still "not official"

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Post time 2013-4-24 11:17:09 |Show all posts
Edited by Jannak at 2013-4-26 04:09

I really hope Spicy Horse/Mcgee takes into consideration to alot of people's concerns about A:OL ending up as a F2P online game which woud be a repeat of past mistakes (since it's been admitted that Spicy Horses's F2P projects have been drastic failures and also F2P online games have short lifespans just look at Grimm for example which is barely available anymore) which A:OL needs to be a AAA game like the last two games were and keep it that way.

So Mcgee might be wrong thinking that F2P games "are the future" which they're not especially not all games are suited for it since Alice happens to be a AAA single player narritave game not a multiplayer/Co-op game.

Point is, do not alienate your fans and keep the ball rolling.

Edit: Another worrying aspect by looking at the concept art it appears it would abandon it's traditional 3rd person game to a isometric game like Akanerio was.

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Post time 2013-5-21 13:34:46 |Show all posts
It's a bump, so fans of the series are aware of concerns about the game. I believe that Alice 3 should be a single player game.

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