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Kickstarter items. [Copy link]

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I hate to be that guy, but I need to ask about the Kickstarter in-game items. I've searched around a bit, and maybe i'm looking in the wrong place, but I don't see any recent info regarding them. Any idea when the in-game pet/armor/etc. rewards from the Kickstarter will be available? I understand game development schedules are hard to predict, but there was mention of them in a recent newsletter, so i was hoping that there a vague idea of when they might appear. I stopped playing because I wanted to wait to use my Kickstarter items when I was at lower levels. With the system of getting exp when others use your characters in the game, i'm already level 11 without having played for months, and I fear my items will be useless when I return. (I suppose I'll just start a new character, but I didn't want to have to do that.)

And, well. we *did* donate real money for them.

I didn't mean for this to sound overly-negative. I love the game, and can't wait to play some more. Just wanted to see if there was an update on the items. ;)

Thanks, guys.

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Hi there.

I'll make sure the people responsible for the Kickstarter stuff see this thread and either tell me what's happening or they'll reply to this themselves.


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I only wanted to say, that IIRC it was alredy somewhere said that kickstarter items are going to be released along witg crafting system. In fact, the crafting system is the thing supposed to make them useful again.

They have some unique attributes or atributes combinations, and the crafting system will basically allow you to power up each attribute to much higher levels. I'm not sure about increasing more basic things like DPS and Armor stats on those items though, so it would be nice to hear official statement anyway.

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Origami replied at 2013-6-6 03:38
I only wanted to say, that IIRC it was alredy somewhere said that kickstarter items are going to be  ...

Origami is correct.

And we should be publicly beta testing the crafting system in the very near future. (As in the next 5-10 days).


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