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Order Clan Rules - New Recruits Pls Read!!! [Copy link]

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Edited by Gem at 2013-11-25 08:43

First of all, if u are reading this, welcome to Order we are happy to have you as a part of our loving family here in Crazyland. However in order to keep our family loving and awsome, we have a few simple rules that everyone is expected to follow, so please read and memorize and take it to heart, thank you!

Clan Shop Rules
1. No diamond purchases allowed. If you do it, you will get kicked!
2. You are allowed to buy cards only right before joust, and only a maximum of 3 cards for each joust.

Boosting Rules
1. Level 30s-50s, if you need a boost to go up against boosters, feel free to ask Gem for one. I will gift it. However please note that you should use this Gem boost only if
     1. you are teamed with someone inside the clan
     2. someone else is already boosted, so don't be the first one to start the boosting war
2. If you are boosting, PLEASE tell other ppl as a common courtesy, especially if you are going up against fellow Orderians

Also on a side note, if you are going to go inactive for a period of time (where your marks will stay 0 for a week+) please let us know beforehand, so we don't assume you've quit the game and kick you. Thanks!! However if you stay inactive for multiple weeks due to busy work/school/vacation/all around good life , we might temporarily remove you if in need of space, and will take you back into the clan once you return.

That is it, have fun and be cool PEACE!

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so no buying diamonds

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Manny100 replied at 2014-1-12 03:32
so no buying diamonds

i want lots of gold

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yeah ! im a bit jelly to order .. lol .. hahahaha

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hi im an orderian

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