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Author: fink

Missing/Planned Features (for discussion) [Copy link]

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dashgalaxy86 replied at 2013-2-5 12:16
From the OP: "Gems - Provide base stat improvements, depending on color. The color will also determi ...
I want lots and lots of the D

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Love to see more effects: lowering enemy's resistance to damage by %, lowering enemy damage by %. Set on fire, confuse, not sure if this makes the game into generic RPG game #131477 but it does increase variability of play.

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Please read my whole post before commenting.

Gameplay: repetitive.

Story: non-existent.

Character progression: non-existent.

That having been said, I am completely in LOVE with this game, with the style, with the gameplay, with the concept, with everything that's been done up until this point.  And I'm sure that once the game's out of beta (regardless of what the developers say, I don't consider a game out of beta until it's fully completed in every way, which Akaneiro isn't yet).


In regards to Ryv: that COULD work, but it could also break the game (i.e. Elder Scrolls series, back when people could create their own spells, they would make a spell with the highest possible reduce fire resistance and fire damage, which let them one-shot everything.  Now imagine that sort of set-up on dual sickles...  You could insta-kill basically everything).

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I just read the first post- Now I'm looking forward for them!

Also I would like to able to see leaderbroad. Player's personal stat (how long played, how many you died, etc) too!

Hope it's simple enough for dev team.

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I kinda think this thread needs an update. The first post seems pretty much out of date. ;)

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